SVC-130S automatic louvre Cutter and puncher.


Specially equipped ultrasonic blade for better cutting result and low cost maintenance.

Blade interchange feature by simple one-touch switch.

Speed & pressure control feature allows to cut more various fabrics ultrasonically.

Laser guide line on working table for more accurate cut-out result.

Feeding distance setup feature by simple input.

Programmed PLC control provides an easy operation.

Extra ultrasonic outlet makes a possible to apply an extra portable hand-held ultrasonic blade for performing other manual ultrasonic cutting jobs. (option)

Touch screen for easily memorizing combinations of speed & pressure setup. (option)

Cutting blade Ultrasonic Blade & Rotating Blade

Machine size :

Height 1450mm

Width 3000mm

Length 4500mm

Workable size Width 2560mm

Length 3500mm                                       

* Custom demand cutting width and length is available.

Control Programmed PLC control

SRC-2500 Semi-Automatic Ultrasonic & Rotating Blade Cutting Machine

designed and produced for cutting out roller blind, awning, canopy and truck cover without fray. Its detailed specs are as follows;


Bason SCm-130CS Hot & Cold Digital Cutter

We are proud to present our range of fully  automatic continuous length hot and cold cutting  machines.

Delivering best quality and highest efficiency these are multi-purpose knives which can cut both hot and cold materials up to 130mm wide.

SCM-130CS with Hot & Cold Knife interchangeable feature.

Machine runs for Cold cut and Hot cut respectively through simply choosing Running-Mode.

Hot knife applying time control feature allows the machine cuts even very heavy webbing materials. Fully digitalized control makes a simple and easy use.

Running-Mode setting feature allows the machine can cut a flexible and stretchable fabric such as Elastic belt.

Filing feature for memorizing 9 frequent jobs.

Fabric run out detecting feature.

Manual control feature makes for much easier preparation for cutting.

Additional encoder can be installed if much precise cutting length is strongly required. (Option)

SVC-130S Vertical Blind Louvre Cutting, Folding and Hole Punching machine.

This automated machine cuts, creases and makes hole simultaneously.

Tension free feeding device to ensure precise cut length.

With fully digitised control it is simple and easy to use.

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Intelligent Cutting Solutions

Intelligent Cutting Solutions

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If you have any cutting  or finishing problem just send us a sample and we'll be happy to advise on a solution. We can engineer existing machinery or create new ones.

By sending us samples  we will be able to supply the right machinery set up for your particular job.

We won't send any piece of equipment we don't believe right for a particular job.

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